St. Johns is one of 7 local Catholic schools forming the Lower Pinellas Catholic Conference (LPCC). The league governs its own rules for each sport and has a short season that concludes with a tournament.

Children playing in a parochial league learn the values are often different from what they are used to in public leagues they participate in.

Students understand they represent their school community, parish, and team each time they play.

We offer nearly every sport at the high school level. The seasons in our program are short and consecutive, giving them the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports each school year.

 St. John's Team Sports

  • Baseball (6th – 8th grade) –  boys
  • Basketball - Junior varsity (5th & 6th grade) –  boys and girls team
  • Basketball - Varsity (7th & 8th grade)boys and girls team
  • Cheerleading (6th – 8th grade) – girls
  • Flag Football (6th – 8th grade) – boys
  • Golf (3rd – 8th grade) - boys and girls team
  • Soccer (6th – 8th grade) – boys and girls team
  • Softball (6th – 8th grade) – girls
  • Track & Field (5th – 8th grade) – boys and girls team
  • Volleyball (6th – 8th grade) –  girls