Special Curricular Courses

Physical Education

The overall objective of the St. John Vianney Physical Education program is to continue to develop the student fitness, physical and social skills to help create a positive self image for each student. This approach is adjusted at each level to balance a student’s projected progress and abilities.

The Presidential Fitness Program is incorporated each year to reward and recognize students who meet a healthy level of fitness in this program.

The Middle School Physical education curriculum is a combination of sports skills, team sports, physical fitness programs, health curriculum and other activities designed to meet the objectives and challenges presented to our middle school students.


The goals of the art program are to expose students to a great variety of art media and techniques so students can gain confidence in exploring their own creative potential. In gaining this confidence, students will acquire a better understanding of and appreciation for past and present cultures and the achievements of mankind in the art forms. Further experience is incorporated into the regular classroom time.

Music and Performing Arts

The students in the music and performing arts program are constantly learning building on their skills and knowledge. This development begins with vocal pitch and rhythm development, understanding musical emotion, and participation in the primary grades play. These skills are advanced through the expansion of previous skills and knowledge and by introducing music history and performing arts skills.

In middle school, performance and drama is a big part of the curriculum. Students explore different types of world music and performance. Our Middle school musical, held at the end of the year, is our display of all we have learned and the skills we have developed during their nine years of study.


The students enrich their educational experience with computers beginning in Pre-Kindergarten. With Early Childhood and the Elementary grades, computer work focuses on the support of educational programs such as Language Arts and Math, as well as focuses on typing skills. In the Intermediate and Middle School grades, a focus is placed on learning Microsoft programs, internet based research, and the application of computers into the completion of classroom projects.

Library & Media

Students in all grades work with the library to enrich their skills in research, both print and computers, and understanding the purpose and organization to the library. Students work in the library to support their core curricular academics.

Foreign Language-Spanish

The Spanish program develops the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing which were introduced in the lower school. Students participate in language learning in a positive environment. The advanced curriculum develops competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. Students learn to perform a variety of functions and to perform them accurately. An appreciation of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and of the importance of Spanish in the world is developed.