Elementary Grades

The goal for the elementary grades is to build on skills and concepts introduced in Early Childhood. As we continue to encourage positive social and emotional development with Catholic faith values, our emphasis moves toward independent work study skills.

In the Religion program, the students:

  • Form community through study, prayer, worship, and shared faith experiences.
  • Present our Catholic faith in a way consistent with the age and readiness of children.
  • Engage family and parish in faith sharing.

In the Math program, the students:

  • Review the previous grade's skills.
  • Teach thinking strategies to strengthen children's retention of facts.
  • Organize and interpret information in tables and graphs.
  • Identify solid and plane figures and relate them to the part and the whole relationship of fractions.
  • Practice and reinforce time and money skills.
  • Read, count and expand whole numbers.
  • Develop measurement concepts.

In the Language Arts program, the students:

  • Build understanding and appreciation of the written word though spelling, reading, grammar, and writing.
  • Develop age appropriate vocabulary to set the stage for literature appreciation and provide a foundation for writing.
  • Use the tools of language— listening, speaking, reading, and writing — across the curriculum.