Mission and Philosophy

MissionThe community of Saint John Vianney Catholic School provides a Christ-centered education by sharing faith and imparting quality academics to ensure a strong future for the students entrusted to our care.

We strive to provide an experience of faith as a community with God as Father, with Jesus as the center of our lives, and the Holy Spirit as our guide:

  • By instructing students in Catholic Doctrine
  • By worshiping as a school community
  • By celebrating Sacraments as a community
  • By familiarizing students with Church as an institution and a community

We strive to provide each student with knowledge and skills to enable the person to think independently and to make decisions in the light of Christian values and principles:

  • By exceeding curriculum standards
  • By utilizing community resources
  • By providing fine arts experiences
  • By using a multi-media approach
  • By meeting the needs of the individual
  • By offering extra-curricular activities
  • By allowing self-expression
  • By maintaining a positive learning environment
  • By fostering discovery and experimentation
  • By encouraging the use of creative thinking skills
  • By using integrated, interdisciplinary teaching methods

We strive to foster a positive self-image for each child and build mutual respect for each person as a uniquely created individual with God-given dignity.

  • By providing experiences for the students to feel capable, connected and contributing
  • By discovering the uniqueness and potential of the student
  • By publicly recognizing achievement
  • By maintaining a gentle, supportive, and respectful environment
  • By guiding students to recognize and accept capabilities and limitations in self and others

We strive to provide an understanding of personal growth and development, to nourish a respect for the human body and to encourage life long habits of physical and mental health.

  • By encouraging fitness through Physical Education and extra-curricular activities
  • By including hygiene, health and safety programs in the curriculum
  • By teaching Family Life in the light of Christian moral values

We strive to develop cooperation and self-discipline in order to promote the social responsibility of each person as a member of family, school, Church and the global community.

  • By utilizing cooperative discipline
  • By providing opportunities for small group experiences
  • By fostering citizenship
  • By serving the local community
  • By providing family involvement opportunities
  • By encouraging students
  • By demanding sportsmanship through respect for authority and rules